Your Blackberry OS V4.5 & V5 should be Upgraded Action Steps

You are currently using an older version of Blackberry’s operating system.  It is best practice to maintain the latest version to get the latest fixes, security patches and functionality.

As we migrate to Gmail, Blackberry operating system versions older than version 6 will require your Blackberry be fully wiped clean (removing all data) during the move.  Should you not upgrade before migrating to Gmail, you run the risk of losing personal data including files, images, music, applications or local phone contacts (e.g., business contacts that are only on the BlackBerry and have not been synchronized with Lotus Notes).

Your Blackberry model does support v6 but requires a software upgrade.  Your service provider can provide instructions and assist in upgrading the operating system.  A backup of your Blackberry should always be first taken using BlackBerry Desktop Manager software available through your mobile provider.

BlackBerry Desktop Software Download

How to backup BlackBerry Smartphone data using BlackBerry Desktop Software

What options do I have?

  1. Upgrade the operating system (OS) on your device. Contact your service provider for assistance with this operation and ensure you do a backup (using Desktop Manager) prior to upgrading.

  2. Do Nothing. If you choose not to upgrade, you may currently continue to use your device for Guardian business and we will support it after the migration to Google. However:

    1. RIM (BlackBerry vendor) and Guardian may discontinue support at any time.

    2. During the migration to Google, you accept the risk that you may lose any personal/business data on your device that are not synchronized with Notes or not properly backed up to your PC.

  3. Consider moving to an iPhone. iPhones and iPads will be supported with the go live of Gmail. Look for an upcoming communication regarding how to request activation for your device.

We strongly suggest you take action now regarding your mobile device.

Thank you,

Going Google Project Team