What will/will not be migrated

Scope of Email to be Migrated
  • All active email located on the Notes server - No start/end dates will apply
  • Mail should generally migrate with “read” status intact, however, the migration tools may not be able to determine current status and will default to a “read” status.
  • Mail-in databases are limited to 25 delegates (manually delegated). This does not appear to be an issue for the field based mailboxes.
  • Max mailbox size to migrate will be capped at ~20GB. The team has began working with those field users that are approaching this limit.
What will be migrated
  • Email messages including attachments (that are less than 25MB) in your Inbox.
  • User-created folders (mapped to labels in Google), and Sent mail folder.
  • Existing folder structure from Notes will be converted to Labels.
  • Mail-in databases will be migrated to a Google mailbox with delegates in tact.
What will NOT migrate
  • Email with attachments > 25MB or *.exe – a link to original message is created
  • Encrypted or corrupt email cannot be read and will not be migrated
  • Draft message folder
  • Calendar invitations – Users should accept/decline all invitations prior to migration
  • Attachments associated with calendar invitations
  • Folder names > 225 characters are truncated and a sequential number is appended 
  • Messages with significant amounts of formatted Rich Text (e.g. embedded charts and graphics) in the body may not convert with 100% fidelity
What user will receive – Actions available
  • Report that provides migration success/failure will be sent to each user - Links to failed messages will be provided
  • Users can remediate failed messages and then forward to Google or request migration be re-attempted