Use Tasks in Calendar

Create to-do lists and keep yourself on track by using Tasks in Calendar. To get started, just click Tasks under the My Calendars section.

Your Tasks list will display to the right of your calendar.

To close your Tasks list, click Tasks under the My Calendars section again.

Alternatively, to minimize your Tasks list, click the small arrow between the Calendar vertical scroll bar and your Tasks list. (You can click it again when you want to expand/maximize your Tasks list.)

You can create a new task in Calendar the same way you can in Gmail: just click the + sign at the bottom of the Tasks section. However, the task won't display on the Tasks calendar itself unless you modify it and add a date.

To add a task directly to the Tasks calendar and list:

  1. Determine the day on which the task should begin, and click in the area directly below the date.
  2. Click Task on the pop-up window.

  1. Give the task a name and include any notes you wish to add.
  2. Click Create task. The task will now appear both on the Tasks calendar and in the Tasks list.

To learn more about the Tasks gadget, visit the Google Calendar Help Center: