Use Calendar Layers

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*Calendar: Layer multiple calendars

Layering Google Calendars can be a great time saver because you can see others’ calendars along with your own calendar. For instance, layering calendars can help you quickly find a time when certain individuals are available for a meeting. In our example, Craig wants to create a one-hour event but isn’t sure when everyone he wants to invite is available.

By layering his co-workers’ calendars, he can view their events by selecting them from either the Other calendars or My calendars sections. Calendars listed in the My calendars section include those calendars which Craig has been granted authorization to manage or modify. The calendars listed in the Other calendars section are calendars Craig can only view but cannot modify.

After selecting all the calendars of the individuals he wants to invite to the meeting, Craig can now quickly see who is available when and schedule his one-hour meeting in any block of available time - indicated by the red boxes.

Add Coworkers’ Calendars

To add coworkers’ calendars to the Other calendars section, simply enter their email addresses one by one in the Add a coworker’s calendar field (1) and press Enter. If your coworkers have opted to share their calendars, they will display in the list below. If they’ve opted not to share their calendars, the Add a coworker’s calendar dialog displays, allowing you to request view access to their calendars.

To request access, edit the message in the text field (2) or leave the default message as is and click Send Invite (3). Your coworkers will each receive email indicating you would like to view their calendar. If they then share their calendar with you, you will receive an email indicating you can now add and view their calendar.

Layer calendars

To layer multiple calendars, click once on the calendar or individual listed below the My calendars or Other calendars sections. You can layer multiple calendars over your calendar. Any calendar that displays a colored box next to the calendar or individuals’ name is layered on top of your calendar.

To remove or hide a calendar from being layered on your calendar, click once on the name of the calendar with a colored box in the My calendars or Other calendars sections.

Quick Tip: If you have multiple calendars layered on top of your calendar, a quick way to show only your calendar (and hide the calendars of others) is to click the down arrow to the right of your name or email address and click Display only this Calendar. This also works with any calendar listed in either section.

Also notice the other options available. From the list you can:

  • Display the calendar
  • Hide the calendar
  • Define or modify the calendar settings
  • Create an event on the calendar
  • Share the calendar
  • Define notifications for the calendar
  • Change the display color of the calendar when layered on your calendar

Note: The options you see change depending on the permission you have for the calendar.

Event Icons

When creating or receiving events, ever notice the icons at the top of the event? Ever wonder what they mean? Below is a list of the icons you will see and a description of what each icon represents.