SmartOffice Google Synchronization

Preview Report Approval - Required Step
When you SmartOffice/Google Synchronization Preview report is available, you will receive an email with the following content:

Your SmartOffice/Google Preview synchronization has completed and the report is now available for review. Within SmartOffice, select SmartOffice Synchronization for Google from the left-hand Setup navigation, select the Preview report, then click the Run Synchronization PDF Report button to review the report. 

Once you have reviewed the report,

o Acceptable Results: Click the Approve Preview Synchronization button if the changes are acceptable. Your initial synchronization will begin running immediately. When the initial synchronization has completed and is active, you will be notified both by email and from within SmartOffice by an alert message. 

o Unacceptable Results/Changes Needed: If you need to make changes to your sync setup or set members (if applicable), click the Reject Preview Synchronization button and make any changes you need. Once you have completed your changes, perform the preview sync again by checking "Run Synchronization" in your Setup Detail and selecting Save.

To view a complete overview of the SmartOffice/Google synchronization, click here.

Viewing the Preview report - which is a required step - is accomplished by clicking the Report icon  that will appear in the Report List section.  After closing the Preview Report, approval is accomplished by selecting the Options menu button, then selecting Approve Preview Synchronization.

Synchronization Setup
With SmartOffice Sync for Google enabled, the sync settings for Contacts and Calendar will require configuration.
  1. Sign in to SmartOffice.
  2. From the side menu, select Setup, then select SmartOffice Synchronization for Google.
  3. Under Setup Detail page, configure the Synchronization options

Synchronization Options:  
  • User: Displays the SmartOffice user Full Name.  (pre-configured)
  • E-mail: Displays the SmartOffice user E-mail Address that will be used to sync with Google. (pre-configured)
  • Run Synchronization: This option enables the Google synchronization to start. When this option is enabled, it will start an initial sync. When this option is deselected, the synchronization is disabled  and the synchronization Setup Detail can be modified.
Contact Synchronization Options: 
  • Contact Synchronization is not to be selected as Google to mobile device information exchange can cause preferred and TYPE choice to be changed within SmartOffice.
Activities/Tasks Synchronization Options:  
  • SmartOffice to Google and Vice Versa: This option enables two-way calendar synchronization between SmartOffice and Google. Changes made to SmartOffice calendar activities are synchronized to Google, and changes made to Google calendar activities are synchronized to SmartOffice. 
  • Do not sync activities: This option prevents any transfer of calendar data between SmartOffice and Google.
  • Synchronize Recurring Activities: This option enables the synchronization of recurring calendar activities. As entries made from Mobile devices and Google may not include an end date, this option is not encouraged.
Contacts to Synchronize:  
  • Guidance is not to select Contact Synchronization 
  • Synchronize all SmartOffice contacts: This option is not available/active.
  • Synchronize a SET from SmartOffice: This option synchronizes only those contacts that are part of a specific SmartOffice SET. With this option selected, a SET must be specified.
    • Note: The Google Group name is predefined and cannot be changed.
Report List:  
  • Preview Report:  A preview sync report is generated after selecting “Run Synchronization” and saving. (depending on the options selected and the volume of information exchanged, the Preview report may take up to 30 minutes to generate) With the Preview Report on the screen, available options are:
    • Approve Preview Synchronization (required)
      • Before approving, the Preview Report is required to be opened, else you will not be able to approve.
  • Reject Preview Synchronization:  Rejecting the Preview Sync Report, will disable the Synchronization option, allowing edits to the Setup Detail page.  While disabled, edits and/or corrections to either SmartOffice or Google Contact data can be made.  With changes to the Sync Setup or Contact information is completed, again select Run Synchronization, then Save.