Search for email

Gmail features the same powerful search technology used on the web to perform accurate keyword searches of all of your email and attachments. You can search by keyword, label, sender, date range, or a host of other options. By archiving messages instead of deleting them, you can keep your Inbox clutter-free while still being able to find any message you've ever sent or received. You don’t have to create elaborate folder structures or keep unwanted correspondence in your Inbox.

To find messages, type in the search box at the top of your Gmail window, and hit Enter on your keyboard. (You can also click the magnifying glass or select search mail.) You can do simple keyword searches, such as budget or human resources, from this box. You can also search the web from this same box.

You can also use more advanced search operators--such as from:, to:, and subject:--to find what you’re looking for quickly and accurately.

Here are some useful searches:

from:Simon to see all emails from Simon

to:David to see all emails sent to David

subject:lunch to see all emails where "lunch" is in the subject

has:attachment to see all emails that contain attachments

is:starred to see all starred emails

is:unread to see all unread emails

Tip: To further refine your search, combine multiple search operators. For example, type from:Simon to:David to see all email from Simon sent to David. Or, if you know Simon’s and David’s email addresses, type

Power Users, for a complete list of search operators, visit the Gmail Help Center.

You can also use advanced search operators by clicking the down arrow in the search box. Then, fill in the easy-to-use search form to find exactly what you're looking for.