Synchronizing Contacts with iNotes

This will ensure that all contacts in your Notes personal address book (the one that resides on your hard drive) exist in iNotes, which is the contact list that will be migrated to Google.

Please note that if you have any contacts that exist in both locations, this action will duplicate them and you may have to do some cleanup.

To synchronize your personal address book with iNotes, it depends which version of Notes you are on, and which template you have. To check your Notes version, go to Help | About IBM Lotus Notes. To check your template, go to your workspace, right-click on your mail icon, and choose Application or Database (depends on Notes version) > Properties.
Notes 6.5: Notes 8.5:
When the database properties window opens, click the fourth tab (below in green) - Template name is in the green box in the example below.
Notes 6.5: Notes 8.5:

If you are on Lotus Notes 6.5 with a 6.5 template, click on Actions, then Synchronize Address book. 
Inline image 1

If you are on Lotus Notes 8.5 with a 6.5 template, please contact the help desk, as your template will need to be upgraded.

If you are on Notes 8.5 clients with an 8.5 mail template, it should update automatically - as long as you have that feature enabled. To enable it, click File | Preferences and click Contacts and ensure the item in green below is checked off.

Once completed, open iNotes and compare the contacts list there to the list in Notes. Your contacts should match. If they do not, contact the help desk.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Guardian Help Desk at 800-499-8820.