Receive notifications for your manager’s calendar

Notifications for your manager’s calendar are disabled by default--if you want to receive notifications for your manager’s calendar events, you must manually enable them.

Note: When you enable notifications for a calendar shared with you, you are not enabling notifications for the calendar owner. (That is, when you enable notifications for your delegated view of your manager’s calendar, you’re the only one who receives notifications; your manager doesn’t, unless he or she has personally set up notifications.)

To receive email and pop-up notifications for your manager's calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Google Calendar.
  2. Your manager's calendar appears in the My calendars list, and his or her meetings appear on your calendar.

Note: If you cannot see your manager's events in your calendar, click his or her calendar in the list to highlight it.

  1. Hover over your manager's calendar, click the down arrow that appears, and select Notifications.

  1. In the Event reminders section, click Add a reminder.
  2. Select either Email or Pop-up from the drop-down. (If you'd like both options, click Add a reminder again.)

  1. Once you've customized your event reminders, select the invitations for which you want to be notified. To start, you can select all notifications, and later remove the notifications you don't need.

Note: If you select the Daily agenda option, the emailed agenda won’t reflect any event changes made after 5am in your local time zone.

Tips on using notifications

If you and your manager have each set up email notifications for new invitations, your manager will receive an "Invitation" email in his or her Inbox, and you’ll receive a "New Event" email in your own Inbox. For example:

Your manager's Inbox

Your Inbox

These different email subjects allow you to easily distinguish your own invitation notifications from your manager’s.