Pre Migration Checklist

Pre-Migration Checklist

Go Live Date: XX/XX/XXXX - 8am ET

Guardian will be migrating your mail, calendar, and contacts for you prior to Monday, July 9th.  Between now and then, you must take steps to ensure your email, contacts and calendar are properly migrated. It is recommended that you complete all of the applicable actions on this checklist prior to the start of your data migration. Failure to do so will impact your ability to transition quickly to the new email system. This list includes ways to ensure data that will not be converted is available or recoverable.

  • If your Lotus Notes contacts only reside on your hard drive, synchronize Lotus Notes personal contacts with iNotes. For assistance performing this operation, please contact the Agency Support Center at 800-499-8820.

  • If you have a Blackberry, you should do one of the following:

    • Synchronize the contacts wirelessly. For assistance, contact the Agency Support Center at 800-499-8820. As this action will merge your BlackBerry and server based contacts (potentially causing duplicates or out of date data), please log into iNotes to review and clean-up your server contacts prior to performing the sync.

    • Back up your Blackberry. The contacts can then be restored to the device after the transition. You should use the Blackberry Desktop software to perform this backup. If you do not yet have it installed, used the first link to download the application. The second link gives directions on how to back up your data once the software has been installed.

  • Send unsent draft messages in your Drafts folder to yourself. They can then be migrated into Gmail. If you prefer to do so, file them in a separate folder and you can easily go through them in Gmail by looking for the appropriate folder/label name.

  • Download email attachments larger than 25MB that you wish to keep. You will still be able to access this data in Lotus Notes if you choose not to download it for a period of 90 days.

  • Save EXE attachments you need to access to your hard drive.

  • Calendar entries older than 6 months and beyond 1 year forward will not be migrated. Adobe PDFs detailing your calendar (one of your next two weeks’ appointments and one of your entire history) will be sent to you. Ensure you locate these and print the two-week file for reference (you do not want to miss any meetings!).

  • Future and past attachments in your calendar events should be downloaded and stored as needed.  You will still be able to access this data in Lotus Notes if you choose not to download it.

  • Send stationery to yourself. You will need to recreate them in Google as drafts.

  • To Dos – Document your To Dos. Once you are live in Google, you will need to recreate them as Tasks or, should you wish an assistant to see them, on your Google calendar as reminders.

  • Follow Ups – Document any Follow-Ups you have created and not completed in Notes. You will need to recreate them in Google either as tasks, calendar entries or via labels/stars/icons.

  • Ensure you can access the file used to create your Notes signature. You will need to recreate it in Google

  • Document (via screen shots or notes) any delegation you have set up within your Notes account (this includes calendar and mail file). You will need to recreate these delegations in Google.

  • Take action on meeting invitations you have not responded to by accepting or rejecting them.

  • If you have a local email archive, this data will not be migrated. If you will need to send/forward any of the archived mail, you will need to send them to yourself prior to migration, as they will not be available through Gmail and only available for forwarding in Notes for 90 days. Archives will be available for viewing for a period of 2 years. Some time in that two-year period, you will need to take some action to convert the file to a viewable format (e.g. PST). Additional details will follow on how to access that information in the future.  

Highlighted timelines are still being determined.

Please visit the Guardian Going Google End User Site, which will be available via GOL, for additional training materials.
Contact the Guardian Agency Support Center at 800-499-8820 if you experience any technical issues.