Notify guests about events

As you’ve probably already learned, when you save a newly created event, a pop-up automatically asks you if you’d like to send invitations to guests. However, there might also be times when you want to contact only a subset of guests, or you might want to contact all guests without making changes to the event details. This section tells you how to email which guests you want to email when you want to email them.

Email guests about event

Occasionally, you might want to email all or some guests after you’ve already created and saved an event. For example, you might want to remind people who haven’t responded to an event to respond. Or you might also want to email instructions to all guests who replied Yes.

  1. Go to the event details page of the event.
  2. In the Guests section, click Email guests.
  3. In the pop-up, you can choose to email all guests or a subset of guests, such as those who have replied Yes.

Note: You can uncheck both the Yes and No boxes, and you can also manually enter additional emails into the address field.

  1. After you’ve selected which guests you want to email, fill out the Message field.
  2. Click Send.

Send event invitations only to specific guests

If you want to avoid clogging guests’ Inboxes with invitations to events they already know about, you can send event invitations only to those guests who aren’t already aware of the event. Here’s how:

  1. Begin scheduling the event.
  2. Add the people to whom you don't want to send notifications.
  3. Click Save, and select Don’t send in the Send invitations? pop-up.
  4. Open the meeting again, and add the people to whom you want to send notifications.
  5. Don't make any other modifications to the meeting before you save it. If you change the time, room, description, etc., Google Calendar will send the updated notification to all guests on the meeting list. The only time Google Calendar sends an update to only new guests is if your only change to a meeting is to add guests.
  6. Click Save, and select Send in the Send invitations? pop-up to send invitations to new guest.
  7. Only the newly added guests will receive the email notification.

Note: Individual users can set a preference to not receive notifications.

Create event reminders only your manager can see

In previous calendar applications, you might have been used to adding event notes that only your manager could see. However, in Google Calendar, if you are the meeting organizer, any note you add in the event’s Description field appears in the event on every guest's calendar.

If you want to create meeting reminders that appear only on your manager’s calendar, you have a few different options:

  • If someone else is the meeting organizer, you can add a note in the event’s Description field on your manager’s calendar. This note will only appear on your manager’s calendar, but depending on the privacy settings for your manager’s calendar, people who view your manager’s calendar may be able to see the note. (To make the note private, select the Private radio button in the Privacy section of the event details page.)

Important: If the meeting organizer updates the Description field in which you put the note, your note will be overwritten.

  • On your manager’s calendar, you can create a separate event at the same time as the original event. In the new event’s Description field, you can add all of the essential information your manager needs to know. You can even add attachments. (If any of this information is sensitive, remember to select the Private radio button in the Privacy section.)

Alternatively, you can always email or chat event reminders to your manager with Gmail.