Mail & Calendar Basic

COURSE TITLE Google Mail & Calendar Basic Training Course

The Google Mail & Calendar Basic Training Class is designed to provide new Google users with the basic features available within their email and calendar applications.

Users will become familiar with the basic functions available in Google Mail and Calendar along with identifying tools that Google makes available such as Online Help and additional resources necessary to self support.

Computer Desktop/Laptop
  • Internet Connection

  • Speakers, Headphones, or a Phone Connection

Conference Room (optional)
  • Internet Connection

  • Projector/Screen

  • Speakers

Attendance is strongly recommended to ensure the success of implementing Google Apps.

Italicized & bold items are Guardian specific
GMail Interface
  • Overview & Navigation

  • Access to other Google Apps through GOL
  • Signature Tool

  • Online Help
  • Sign Out Link

  • Main Mail Window and Inbox

  • Visual indicators

  • Account information

Composing Messages
  • Add recipients
  • Send Secure (## beginning of Subject Line)

  • Formatting options and spell checker

  • Spell Check

  • Save, Send, or Discard Message

Performing Message Actions
  • Archive, Spam, and Delete

  • Read and Unread

  • Reply, Reply to All, Forward, and Delete

  • Apply Labels, Stars, and Important Tabs

Conversation Threading
  • Explanation of Conversation Threads

  • Opening and Viewing Messages

  • Visual Indicators

Managing & Organizing Messages
  • Using Stars and Superstars (using and applying stars, viewing starred messages)

  • Using Important Tabs (applying, managing, viewing, and deleting)

  • Using Labels (applying, viewing, and Color Coding)

Searching Mail
  • Performing Basic Searches

Viewing & Managing Contacts
  • View, add, modify, manage Contacts

  • View, add, modify, manage Groups

  • Importing and Exporting Contacts

Mail Settings
  • Inserting a Custom Signature

  • Vacation (Out of Office) Responder

GCal Interface
  • Overview and Navigation

  • My Calendars vs. Other Calendars

  • Main Calendar Window

  • Views and Custom Views

Calendar Events
  • Creating and Viewing Events

  • Quick Add

  • Creating Detailed Events

  • Repeating Meetings and Custom Recurrence Patterns

  • Custom Color Coding

  • Adding guests and Scheduling Large Meetings

  • Reserving Rooms and Resources

  • Reminder and Privacy Options

  • Save and Send Invitations

Modifying Events
  • View Guest List and Responses

  • Move and Delete Events

Customizing Calendars
  • View Another Calendar

  • Overlay Multiple Calendars

  • Adding Coworkers Calendars

  • View

  • Create and Manage Tasks

  • Assign Due Date

  • Clear Completed Tasks

Searching Your Calendar
  • Basic Search

Printing Your Calendar
  • Printing Calendar View

  • Selecting Print Ranges