Google Groups
Groups can be used as mailing lists, discussion forums, and to share calendars, docs, sites, and videos with co-workers.
Get started with Google Groups
Using Google Groups 

Use this guide to:

  • Find groups in your Groups directory
  • Create and join groups
  • Browse and search group discussions
  • Send mail to a group
  • Invite a group to a meeting
  • Share a doc with a group

Manage Google Groups

Group access

            1.       Select Groups from the black ribbon in Google       

2.       Select My Groups

3.       Select the group name you want from the list that you are the owner

4.       Select the Manage button in the upper right of the screen

5.       The default display is for All Members

6.       From All Members you can do the following:

a.       Add or remove group members

b.      Change member roles such as from member to owner


Remove a user from the group

1.       From the All Members list, check the check box next to one or more members names

2.       Select the “Actions” drop down menu (the Action menu is not active until at least one name is checked)

3.       Select “Remove from group”

Add to Role

1.       From the All Members list, check the check box next to one or more members names

2.       Select the “Actions” drop down menu

3.       Select Owner or Manager

Add a user to the group

1.       Select the Direct Add Members list

2.       The first field allows you to add one or more email addresses to your group list

3.       It is recommended that you use the method below to add:

a.       Firstname lastname <emailaddress>

b.      For multiple email addresses:

                                                               i.      Firstname lastname <emailaddress>, firstname lastname <emailaddress>, etc

4.       For example:

a.       Georgia Peach <>, Event Planner <>

b.      FirstName LastName will be the display name in the All Members list. The display name cannot be modified once added to the list. To correct it you must delete the member and then add them again.

5.       Write a welcome message as the users will get a welcome email that they are added to a mailing list. This message can be a standard message as it will be saved for you for future additions. A welcome message is required for email addresses that are outside of the Guardian domain.

6.       Select the radio button All Mail so that the users get any email that is sent to the via the group list. All other selects do not apply for a distribution list.

7.       Complete the Captcha page and email is sent to the users, the users are added to your member list

8.       Select the Back button to return to the group list

Send an email to the group

1.       Open the group as normal

2.       Select the “New Topic” button

3.       Enter a subject in the Subject field

4.       In the Type of Post field, select “Make an Announcement” from the dropdown field. This is used to send email to your distro list

5.       Type the message or copy and paste one that you would like to communicate to your distro group

6.       Select the “Post” button