Google Training Reminder

This is a reminder that Google training will begin [insert date].

Attendance is required [Pilot only]/recommended [remaining phases] and will help you use the basic and advanced functionality in both Google Mail (Gmail) and Google Calendar (Gcal).  Training is a great opportunity for you to gain an overview of the applications while learning important tips and tricks to improve your Google knowledge and productivity.

Below is a full list of the online classes being offered. Clicking the links in the headers will take you to a full syllabus for the class.

Too busy?  At a minimum we strongly urge you to attend the one hour “Quick Start” basic session which will cover key aspects of mail, calendar, and contacts.  Given the amount of time you will be using Google, we believe the learning will be well worth it.

Google Mail & Calendar Basic (1 Hour)

  • Objective: Users will become familiar with the basic mail, calendar, and contacts functions along with support Google and Guardian make available.

  • Suggested Attendees: Users not able to devote the time to both the Basic and Advanced classes.

  • Prerequisites: None

Google Mail & Calendar Advanced (1 Hour)

  • Objective: Users will become familiar with advanced functions available in Google Mail and Calendar.

  • Suggested Attendees: Users interested in selected advanced features of mail and calendar and have attended the Basic class.

  • Prerequisites: Google Mail & Calendar Basic

Executive Assistant + Q&A (1 Hour)

  • Objective: Users will become familiar with having delegate access of their executives' mail and/or calendar account along with managing multiple calendars and share settings.

  • Suggested Attendees: Users acting in an assistant capacity who need to learn about effectively managing others calendars and/or mail.

  • Prerequisites: Google Mail & Calendar Basic or Google Mail and Calendar Complete Courses

To view the Training Class Schedule follow the instructions below under Registering for Training.

To register, follow these steps:
1.   Go to
2.   Select the ‘Training’ tab
3.   SType "Google" (without quotes) into the Search box
4.   Select the course you’d like to attend and follow the registration process

For questions about the Google project, please email Google Project Team at