Google Pilot Participant Confirmation

Guardian is ready to begin our Pilot migration to Gmail in the upcoming weeks. We appreciate in advance your support on this effort.  

Below is a list of the individuals who will be participating in this pilot program.  Each participant will be fully migrated to Gmail from Lotus Notes. They are expected to participate in Gmail training and will be asked to provide feedback on the training and overall experience, participate in periodic brief status calls and report issues on a timely basis. As this requires a commitment of time and changes the way they utilize email today, we ask that you inform us immediately if the individuals we have selected are not able to participate.   

It is important to note that if any of these participants are part a close team, the other members should also be included in the pilot or certain functionality may not be available (e.g., calendar delegation).

We appreciate your support on this exciting endeavor.  Please respond to Joanne Solliday (610-807-6350) or David Yeager (610-807-6346) by [insert date] to confirm your acceptance of these pilot users or if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Going Google Project Team