Google is Coming

Your agency is scheduled to migrate to Google on [insert date]. The project team and “early adopters” in the field have been working hard to ensure that the Google solution will be a valuable productivity tool for you and your Agency.

Please be advised that this migration is complex and by its very nature may be somewhat disruptive. A number of steps have been planned to minimize the impact. Additionally, you will have the ability to minimize that disruption by actively participating in the training provided, thoroughly reviewing the communications that will be sent to you, and performing the outlined preparation steps that will be provided.

You can expect to receive the following separate communications from Guardian beginning early next week.

  • Training Classes and Schedule.  Several basic and advanced online training classes are being offered and are strongly recommended.
  • Training Reminders will be sent two days prior to the event.
  • Data Migration Instructions will be sent one week prior to our migration date and include information about what will be migrated (mail, calendar, contact data) and steps on how to prepare appropriately to minimize impact.  
  • Day 1 Instructions will be sent the Thursday prior to go live and will explain how to login to your Google account and other necessary steps for migration day, including verification that your data was successfully migrated.
  • Day 1 Instructions for Mobile Users will be sent the Thursday prior to go live to remind you to back up your Blackberry and Guardian's plans to wipe and reactivate your Blackberry in preparation for configuring your new Google account. It will also contain information on how to set up iOS devices.
  • Google Training & Support Information will be sent on our Go Live date and will provide support resources and a brief overview of Guardian's Googlel support model.

If you have any questions about the Google project, please email the Google Project Team at