Google Guides Roles & Responsibilities

You have been selected as a Google Guide.

As a Google Guide, you are asked to assist Guardian with the coordination, roll out and support of your Agency’s transition to Google.  A Google Guide assists users in understanding the features of Google and help with basic issues in a quick and informal manner. While users can still pursue traditional routes like the help desk, you, as a Google Guide, are there to provide immediate local support.

A Google Guide is an important role within the Agency and critical to the successful transition from Lotus Notes to Google. Due to the commitment of time we ask that you speak to your General Agent immediately if you cannot perform the duties associated with this role.

Google Guides are required to attend all offered training classes and will receive additional support from Guardian to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to perform your duties. As a Google Guide, we ask that you immediately begin reviewing the content of the End User Site at to familiarize yourself with the Google environment, training, tips and our communication.

Thank you,

Google Project Team

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on being a Google Guide

What are the responsibilities of a Google Guide?

  • Use the documentation and training resources to login and set up your Google account.

  • Provide feedback on the resources and migration process so we can improve them for additional phases.

  • Exclusively use the new services and spend time learning about the various features and options.

  • Assist other team members to become proficient in Google by answering questions, mentoring them on how to use the system and establishing yourself as a “power user”.

What type of training and assistance will Google Guides receive?

Before we migrate your account, you will have access to training that will help you become familiar with the new services. We will also schedule periodic calls with our Google Guides to elicit feedback and address questions and concerns.

How much time will Google Guides need to set up and learn about Google?

Although we expect Google Guides to be able to use their email and calendar right away, you'll need to invest additional time to completely immerse in Google and learn more about the services and features. We expect this time commitment will be approximately 8-10 hours.

How much time will be required each week after ‘go-live’?
Will vary based on the skill set of your users and the effort you are willing to make in this role - most likely will be a few hours per week, but expected to be significantly more (30-50% time commitment) in the first few days after go-live.

When will you migrate Google Guides to Google?

Google Guides will be migrated at the same time as the other members of the Agency. Therefore, it will be important that you spend time in the End User Site reviewing the information provided prior to your Agency’s go live date.