FAQs for using Google 
Have a question about using Google? We just might have the answer!
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Q: How do I sign in to Google?

A: Log in to your account via www.guardianonlinepilot.com
Click on the Google mail or Calendar icon to automatically log in.

Q:Can I be signed in to more than one Google account at the same time?

A: Yes, please click here to read more about signing in to multiple accounts.

Q: How long until I'm up to speed with Google Apps?

A: You should be able to begin sending and receiving mail, scheduling calendar events, and managing contacts right away, without any trouble. Becoming accustomed to Gmail's unique mail management features such a conversations and labels can take a bit longer. Within a week, however, many people find they are not only comfortable with Google Apps, but they appreciate the benefits and no longer miss their old application.

Q: Can I open my email or calendar in a new tab (not a new window)?

A: Within Internet Explorer, you can change the browser settings to open new tabs instead of new windows. Select Tools >Internet Options>Tabs>Settings, and click Let Internet Explorer choose how to open pop-ups.

Q: Can I access Google offline?

A: No, Guardian does not support offline access.

Q: Will I be able to connect to a CRM system other than SmartOffice?  For example, Sales Force. 

A: No.  Any connection from a third party CRM application other than SmartOffice will be removed. 

Q: My session has been terminated and the Google login screen appears.  What action should I take? 

A: The session time out interval has been exceeded.  Please close the browser and open a new session. 

Q: I have purchased an application for my mobile device to access my Gmail, and it no longer works? 

A: Third party applications which download email are prohibited by Guardian security policy and will be automatically removed.