Google [Early Adopter/Wave#] Agency Migration Confirmation

Guardian is currently scheduling agencies for the migration from Lotus Notes to Gmail and have targeted your Agency [as an Early Adopter/for Wave #]. The timing is expected to be [insert timing/date] and we are asking for your approval that this is acceptable and to begin the communication to your Agency members. We will consider a request to delay, but not accelerate your deployment phase if there is a valid business reason.

In addition, we are requesting names of individuals within the Agency to act as the following:

  1. Point of Contact - Responsible for ensuring all Agency members have taken necessary migration steps as indicated by Guardian communications, coordinating general rollout activities within the Agency, and working with Guardian’s Google Project Team.

  2. Google Guide - Responsible for full immersion in Gmail, provide local support to their coworkers as they transition to Google. Ideal candidates may already be in a support role, familiar with users and their ability to absorb new technologies, and have the time to dedicate to the project.

These two roles can be filled by the same person, but do not need to be.

We appreciate your support on this exciting endeavor.  Please reply to this email be [insert date] or contact Joanne Solliday (610-807-6350) or David Yeager (610-807-6346) if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Going Google Project Team