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LBS - "Authorized User Of" image use

Recently it has come to our attention that the LBS image initially available within the Gmail Signature tool, is not intended for Field use.  If you are using an LBS image within your Gmail signature block that does not include the wording Authorized User of as part of the image, you need to take the appropriate steps to replace the image.

Incorrect Image

Correct Image


Inline image 3

Inline image 2 


If using Internet Explorer as your browser, you will need to use the Gmail signature tool to recreate your signature disclaimer in its entirety.  To review how to use the signature tool, click here.


If you are using Chrome as your browser to access email, the image can be removed/added by:

  •        Select the Settings icon
  •        Selecting Settings
  •        Scroll to the Signature section.

a.       Select the incorrect image , then delete

b.      Paste the correct image into the Signature section

  •     Scroll to the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.