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FAQs for using Google Apps
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Q: Can I keep my same DBA?

A: Yes. All email branding will remain intact, including secondary (inbound) email addresses.

Q: When will iPhone and/or iPad be available?

Activation of an iPhone and/or iPhone with the Guardian Google email platform is now available.  Those with a GOL security profile of General Agent, Agent Supervisor, Producer, Pre-Contract FR and Office Manager are eligible for up to two "I" devices (iPad and/or iPhone).

Q: Can I be first?

A: The rollout schedule has been defined and will be implemented on an agency by agency basis.  We will begin with a small group of pilot users in June and move to Agency rollouts in July.  Agency heads will soon be informed of their Agency's deployment date within the schedule.  Agencies and certain individual users with valid business reason will have the option to delay their roll out, but not accelerate.

Q: What happens to my Lotus Notes email, calendar, contacts and to do's?

A: Only contacts that reside in iNotes will be converted over to Google.  Today, your contacts are accessible to you in Lotus Notes (stored on your PC) and iNotes (stored on Guardian servers).  You will need to ensure your iNotes contacts are complete and correct prior to the conversion process -- to view your contacts in iNotes click the iNotes/Email link on Guardian Online. Guardian will provide you specific instructions to sync the data prior to your Agency rollout if you find discrepancies between the two systems.

Email and calendar entries will be migrated to your new Google account with some exceptions (e.g., attachments over 25MB). Details on what will and will not be migrated will be sent to each user prior to conversion, along with steps you can take to retain the information.

To-do's will not be converted to Google and we will recommend that you complete or remove these items prior to your Agency rollout. Details to assist you in this effort will be sent prior to conversion.

Q: Can I connect Gmail with any Contact Management system (ex. SalesForce, ACT, Redtail)?

A: Guardian's SmartOffice will be the only Contact Management system we integrate with and support.

Q: What is different from my personal Gmail?

A: In general, it will have the same look and feel as personal Gmail, but this will be a corporate email environment, so certain features may be different. Certain features such as chat and Google Docs will not be enabled as additional work is necessary to support these and to ensure appropriate security, privacy and regulatory requirements are met.

Q: I have been reading a lot about Google’s privacy policies - will my data be kept private?

A: Yes. Guardian has a corporate agreement with Google which supersedes any online agreements and limits their use of our data to what is necessary to provide this service to us. Your corporate data will never be used or combined with any personal data to analyze your activity.

Q: Can I access anywhere?

A: Yes, as long as you have an internet connection and are able to log into GOL, you can access Gmail. As a precautionary reminder, you should only access Guardian systems from machines that are properly safeguarded against malicious software (malware).

Q: Will I be able to work offline?

A: The system is web based only.  If you utilize a mobile device (ex. Blackberry, iPad/iPhone), you will have the ability to work offline including reading existing email and composing new email.  Once connected to your mobile network, your data will be refreshed and any email that was you sent will be transmitted.

Q: Will I be able to use Outlook with Gmail?

A: No. Outlook connectivity will not be offered due to security, privacy and regulatory considerations.

Q: Can I be logged into both my personal and business Gmail at the same time?   

A: We expect this will be possible using the Gmail ‘switch account’ functionality, but will verify this during testing. Note that both accounts are kept completely separate at all times. If you have registered for any Google services (Calendar, Picasa, YouTube, etc.) using an email address affiliated with your existing Guardian account, you will need to associate a different email address with that account. Separate instructions will be sent for this.

Q: Will I get more spam / less spam?

A: Our spam filtering devices will not change, so you should not see any increase in spam. Guardian's spam filtering product is one of the top products available. Today, approximately 90% of all inbound messages are evaluated and rejected as spam.

Q: Will Google show me ads?

A: No ads will be shown.

Q: When will Android be supported?

A: We are targeting Q2 2013 for support of Android devices.

Q: When will Windows phones be supported?

A: There is no current plan to support Windows phones.

Q: Will folders convert?

A: Yes. They will be brought into your new Google account as labels, as Gmail does not use traditional folders. For more information on this aspect, be sure to attend the offered training when it is announced.