Facilitate Migration of DBA TXT records to Google - General Information

To: Agency Domain Contacts

Subject: Google Rollout Preparation – Branded Domains – Future Action Required

As you may be aware, Don Sullivan announced to the Field on January 9th, Guardian’s decision to migrate from Lotus Notes to Google’s web-based Gmail service this year. This will be an exciting transition, and one we believe our field force will embrace. As part of the transition, there are some preliminary actions that will need to be taken for Agencies and Agents that utilize branded domains in order for Google’s email to work properly.

You have been identified as the contact for one or more of our branded domains. You will be receiving detailed information as to exactly what steps you need to take within the next couple of weeks, but we wanted to provide some general information to prepare you.

Every branded domain will require the addition of a TXT record to the domain’s DNS settings. This TXT record will provide supplemental information providing to Google that you own the domain and must be in place before the domain can be transitioned to Google’s mail service. We will send detailed instructions for wither you or your provider to use to modify the DNS setting, including a security token that will be unique to the domain. If you are responsible for more than one domain, you will get more than one email.

We ask that you or your provider make these changes within a week of receiving the detailed information and will be following up with you if that is not the case.

Many thanks for your assistance.