Facilitate Migration of DBA TXT Records to Google

To: Owner of Each Domain (255+ emails)

cc: none

bcc: Solliday, Luck

Subject: Google Rollout Preparation - Branded Domains - Action Required - TXT Details for________________ (domain name)

Greetings _______,

As a follow-up to the email sent _____ (insert date), this is the email containing the detailed instructions for modifying your domain referenced above. The changes should be made to this domain only. If you are responsible for any other domains, expect to receive a separate email for each of them.

A TXT record is an entry within the Domain Name System (DNS) that provides supplemental information about your domain. You must create a TXT record that proves to Google that you own the domain in order to be included in the Google rollout.

1.        Log in to your account for agencyabc.com at www.godaddy.com by clicking the My Account tab.

2.        Under the Domains header, click on your domain name, agencyabc.com.

3.        Under the DNS Manager header, click Launch.

4.        In the TXT (Text) section, click Quick Add.

5.        In the Host field, enter @.

6.        In the TXT Value field, copy and paste the following unique security token:


7.        Leave the TTL drop-down as the default selection.

8.        At the top or the bottom of the page, click the Save Zone File button.

9.        Click OK in the pop-up.

Congratulations! Your new DNS TXT record now contains your security token. Keep in mind that changes to your DNS settings can take up to 24 hours to propagate through the Internet, but depending on your host, this can happen faster.

If you do not have the ability to make the changes above and need to contact your domain host for assistance creating a TXT record to verify ownership of your domain name, but you are not sure what to say, expand the section below to view an explanation that describes exactly what you need. You can convey this information via a phone call for forward it via email to your provider.

Sample TXT record instructions for domain host   

I recently signed up for Google. It allows me to use Google applications--such as Gmail and Google Calendar--for my domain. My domain is hosted with you, and I need help creating a TXT record to prove to Google that I own my domain.

I have a unique security token from Google that I need to include in the Text field (sometimes called the TXT Record, Answer, or Value field) of the TXT record.

Note: You can find your security token in your Google administrator control panel. It is a 68-character string that begins with google-site-verification:, followed by 43 additional characters (for example, google-site-verification:9B6L-KvJkGbaw3htkiLOGdDKLTFzqd0-8QKKz0TMg1Y).

The Host Name field (sometimes called the Record Host, TXT Name, or Host field) should be left blank. However, if a value is required in this field, enter the @ symbol.

Once the TXT record is created correctly, I'll be able to use Google for my domain.


Please respond to this email if you have any questions or concerns about this process.