Edit event details later

There are many reasons why you may need to change event details after you’ve already created an event--you may need to change the time or day, or you may even need to duplicate the event or transfer ownership to another person.  

Send updates to guests when you edit event details

If your event includes guests, and if you change the event by editing the event details page, the Send update? pop-up will appear after you click Save. Click Send or Don’t send to update existing guests.

Drag and drop event to change time or day

If you need  to change just the event time and/or day (and leave all other event details the same), you can simply left-click on the event and drag it to a new time slot. If your event includes guests, follow the prompt to update them about the changes.

Duplicate events

If you need to create an event with similar details to an existing event, you can save time by duplicating the existing event and changing only the relevant details.

To duplicate an event, go to the event details page for the event that you want to duplicate, and then, in the More Actions drop-down list, select Duplicate Event. The event details page for the new event will appear.

Transfer ownership of an event

If someone else takes over responsibility for an event you created (such as a recurring meeting), you can transfer the ownership of the event. This means that the new person “owns” the event and can make changes to it.

To transfer ownership:

  1. Open the event you want to transfer from the calendar of the original owner.
  2. Select Change Owner from the More Actions drop-down menu (next to the Delete button).
  3. Type the email address of the new owner in the New Owner field.
  4. If desired, customize the email message.
  5. Click Change Owner.

The new owner will receive a notification email, and he or she should click the included link to accept ownership of the event.

Note: Even though the new owner now controls the event, the original owner’s name will still appear in the Created by field.

When guests edit event details on their own calendars

Unless you’ve allowed guests to modify events (see Select options for your guests in the “Guests can” section above), only the person who created the event can make changes that appear on all guests’ calendars. If guests change details about an event, their changes show up only on their calendars.

Additionally, if the event creator modifies an event, the creator’s updates override any changes that guests have made to their own calendars.

For example, if you create an event and invite John, and then John adds a new room, the room change will show up only on John's calendar. If, however, you later change the time of the event, the event will be moved to a different time on John's calendar, and the room change that John made will no longer appear on his calendar.