Day One Checklist

Day One Checklist

Lotus Notes Cutoff: XX/XX/XXXX 7pm ET

Your Lotus Notes account will be set to read-only at this time and you will not be able to perform any of the following operations after the cutoff time listed above:

  • Send email
  • Add/update contacts
  • Create or update calendar invitations
  • Create new or rename folders
  • File messages in folders
  • Create new or modify To Dos

Note: Blackberry users will continue to receive new emails throughout the migration weekend and will be able to respond, however, this activity will not be reflected in your Gmail mailbox on Monday.

First Day on Google: XX/XX/XXXX

You will have three emails from The subject lines will be Calendar / Contact / Mail Migration Report for (Your Name). These reports will detail the migration success/failure for your account, and provide you links to failed entries. This will provide information on items that may not have been ported over to Google.

Log into GOL and click on the Calendar icon.  

Below is a checklist for you to follow to validate that everything migrated from your Lotus Notes account to Google. Should you encounter minor issues, modify the events in Gmail Calendar accordingly. Contact support should you find major discrepancies.


  • Set up your time zone, working hours, default views and other calendar preferences using Calendar Settings via the upper right “Gear” Icon > Settings > General tab).
  • In your Google mail inbox you will find an email from containing a PDF attachment that details your next two weeks of Lotus Notes calendar entries.  Ensure that your calendar entries in Gmail match the report. Things to check include the following:
    • Event date and start/end times
    • Event title, location and attendees
    • For repeating events, check that the recurrence is correct
    • Reminder: Retrieve any calendar attachments from Lotus Notes and save as these do not migrate and cannot be attached to the associated Gmail calendar evet
  • If applicable, delegate your calendar to the appropriate individual(s).
  • You will receive a second email from with a complete view of your Lotus Notes calendar detailing events from the start of your calendar. Save this for future reference.
  • Your Lotus Notes calendar will be available as “read-only” for 90 days.
  • Note: Recurring events in Google will appear differently in some cases. An individual instance of a recurring event that is not at the regular time will be disconnected and must be separately managed. For example, if one meeting of a regular 9am weekly meeting was moved to 10am, then it will “disconnect” into an independent meeting.

Log into GOL and click on the Mail icon.  


  • Confirm that you have received the Migration Confirmation email which summarizes the success of your migration.
  • Check your Gmail Inbox against your read-only Lotus Notes Inbox and ensure that everything migrated correctly. Any issues should be reported to the helpdesk so that the technical team can investigate and possibly re-migrate your data. Remember, the following data that will not migrate:

    • Email with attachments > 25MB or *.exe – a link to original message is created – if needed, find the original message in Lotus Notes and save the attachment
    • Encrypted or corrupt email cannot be read and will not be migrated
    • Draft message folder
    • Calendar invitations
    • Attachments associated with calendar invitations
    • Folder names > 225 characters are truncated and a sequential number is appended
    • Messages with significant amounts of formatted Rich Text (e.g. embedded charts and graphics) in the body may not convert with 100% fidelity
  • Verify that your Labels in Google mirror your Folder structure in Lotus Notes.
  • You must configure your personal signature by clicking on the ‘More’ link in the menu bar and selecting “Configure Signature”.  Once done, you will also likely wish to enable the “Signature Tweaks” lab.
  • If applicable, delegate your calendar to the appropriate individual(s).

Log into GOL and click on the Contacts icon.  


  • Check that your local contacts migrated completely and match what is in iNotes.
  • If applicable, delegate your contacts to the appropriate individual(s).

To Dos/Tasks

  • To Dos have not been migrated from Lotus Notes and will need to be manually recreated as Tasks within Gmail. Refer to Lotus Notes for your current list.

Mobile Devices

  • If you are a Blackberry user, you should have also received “Day One Instructions for Mobile Users” in your inbox. Follow the Blackberry instructions to activate your device.
  • If you wish to connect an iPhone or iPad, you must be a General Agent, Office Manager, Producer or Pre-Contract FR and have a device on iOS 5.0.1 or higher. Please see the “Day One Instructions for Mobile Users” email for instructions on how to activate your device. There is required training at the conclusion of which, after attesting to the related security policies, you will be presented with installation instructions to activate your device.

Please visit the Guardian Going Google End User Site at for additional training materials. This site is also accessible through GOL under Training > Learn About > Guardian Going Google and at the bottom of the page under Technical Support.
Contact the Guardian Agency Support Center at 800-499-8820 if you experience any technical issues.Please ensure you identify yourself as a Google Pilot user.