Day 1 Instructions for Mobile Users

Apple Devices

Guardian email users may enable iOS devices. To do this, you must first attend the training located within Guardian Virtual University (GVU). GVU is located within GOL under the Training menu. Search on the word 'mobile' and the class you want is called "Security Awareness - Apple Mobile Handheld Devices".

*If you experience any issues accessing the training site, including not knowing your password, please contact your Agency's Office Manager.

Detailed setup instructions will be provided at the completion of the training above.

Once you have your device connected, if you wish to delete mail on the device and have it delete from your online account (the default is simply to remove it from the inbox/archive it):

  • From your iOS device's browser, go to
  • Authenticate to your Guardian Google account using your email address and GOL password, then your GOL ID and password.
  • Select the device you are using (you will see any devices connected to your account list, with last sync time).
  • Select Enable "Delete Email As Trash" for this device.
  • Click the Save button on top.

BlackBerry Users

To prepare your BlackBerry, please determine which version of the Blackberry operating system (OS) you are on. Once you know that information, click on the appropriate link below to review detailed instructions for backing up, wiping the data, and reconnecting your device to your new Google account.

Step 1: Determine your Operating System (OS) Back up Data from Your BlackBerry Device

1. Open the Options application on your device (sometimes this is within a folder called Settings).

2. Select "About" from the list.

3. The Device Software version will be the first set of numbers on the third line.In this example, the number shown is v4.5.0.37, which means this device is running version 4.5.

Step 2: Reconnect your BlackBerry to your new Google account with Guardian.

If your OS is v6.0.0.448 or greater, click here for instructions to connect your device.

If your OS is lower than v6.0.0.448, click here for instructions to wipe, then connect your device.

Contact the Guardian Agency Support Center at 800-499-8820 if you experience any technical issues.