Create Tasks in Your Calendar

*Calendar: Create tasks in your calendar

Have you tried Google Tasks in Gmail? If so, you probably already know how beneficial they can be in helping you organize your day. Did you know that Google Tasks are also available in Google Calendar? And, you can use them for more than just work-related tasks. You can even use them to help you get ready for that much needed vacation!

Enable Tasks in Google Calendar

Enabling Tasks is really simple. They're already incorporated into Google Calendar; it just takes a few click to make them visible.

  1. In the My calendars section, click Tasks.
  2. When highlighted, Tasks will display to the right of your calendar.
  3. Click Tasks again, or click the small arrow, to minimize the section.

Create tasks

You can create tasks in different ways in Google Calendar:

  1. Determine the day on which the task should begin, and click in the area below the date.
  2. Click Task on the pop-up window.
  3. Give the task a name and include any notes you wish to add.
  4. Optionally, you can create new tasks by clicking the + sign in the task area. However, the task won't display on the calendar unless you modify it and add a date.

Modify tasks

To modify the task date or add additional information:

  1. Click the > to the right of the task name.
  2. Enter the appropriate date and additional information.
  3. Click Back to list when finished.

Note: Tasks created in Google Calendar are also visible in Gmail.

Reorder and move tasks

After creating tasks, you may want to reorder the list. Click on Actions at the bottom left of your task list. You can use this menu to move your tasks up or down, edit their details, print your task list, sort by due date, and more.

To quickly drag tasks up or down in the list:

  1. Place your cursor to the left of the check box until it turns into a hand.
  2. Click on the blue-dotted border, and while holding down your left mouse button, drag the task up or down in the list.

Rename task lists

You can create multiple task lists. The default name for your first list contains your username. To rename it, or any other list:

  1. Click the Switch list icon to the right of the trash can.
  2. Select Rename list. Note you can also create or delete a list from this menu.
  3. Enter a new name for the list, and click OK.

Complete tasks

After completing a task:

  1. Check the task's box in the calendar, or...
  2. Check the task's box in the list. Checking one box also marks the other as complete.