Create Personal Groups and Mailing Lists

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*Contacts: Create personal groups and mailing lists

You can use contact groups to organize your contacts and as personal mailing lists—to send email messages or meeting invitations to groups of people you contact frequently, without having to enter each of their email addresses individually.

Create a contact group

You can create a contact group in your Contact Manager.

  1. Open your Contact Manager. In the upper-left corner of your Gmail window, click the arrow by Mail and then click Contacts.

  2. Click New Group in the left pane of the Contact manager.

  1. Enter the name of the group and click OK.

  1. In My Contacts, select the contacts you want to add to the group. For example:

  1. Click the Groups icon at the top of the Contact Manager...

  1. Select the group to which you want to add the contacts:

Use your contact groups as mailing lists

To save time when sending an email message or meeting invitation, use your contact groups.

To send a message to all or some members of a group

  1. When composing a message in Gmail, type the first letters of the group’s name in the To field until you see the group in the drop-down list.

  1. Select the group in the drop-down list. The group members are all added to the To field.

    Tip: You can also use this method to add a contact group in a Calendar meeting invitation. Just start typing the name of the group in the event’s Add Guests box.

  1. If you don’t want to send the message to everyone in the group, just edit the To field.

NOTE: If you have recently updated a personal contact group and intend to send email to the group, you should close your browser session and re-open it to ensure your cache has been updated with the changes.

To send a message to a group while in the Contact Manager:

This is a good option if you can’t remember the group name or if you want an easier way to select only some members of a large group.

  1. Open the Contact Manager (click the arrow by Mail and then click Contacts).
  2. Select the group in the left pane.

  1. Check the box at the top of the group’s member list to quickly select everyone in the group:

  1. Click the Email icon to compose a message addressed to everyone you’ve selected: