Contacts Sync for Blackberry Users

It has been determined that your Blackberry contacts are not wirelessly synchronizing with the Guardian Lotus Notes system. During the transition to Google, either your mail/contacts/calendar or ALL DATA on your Blackberry will be wiped out. To ensure you do not lose any information, you should perform one of two options.

1. Synchronize your Contacts with Lotus Notes/iNotes. Wireless synchronization can be configured by contacting the help desk at 800-499-8820. As this action will merge your Blackberry and server based contacts (potentially causing duplicates or out of date data), please log into iNotes to review and clean-up your server contacts.

2. Backup your device prior to the migration. The contacts can then be restored to the device after the transition. You should use the Blackberry Desktop software to perform this backup. If you do not yet have it installed, used the first link to download the application. The second link gives directions on how to back up your data once the software has been installed.

Blackberry Desktop Software Download

How to backup Blackberry Smartphone data using Blackberry Desktop Software

We encourage you to perform at least one of these two actions to ensure your Blackberry contact data is migrated in its entirety to Google or able to be recovered after your device is wiped the weekend of your agency’s migration.