Calendar Labs

Enable Labs

You can enable or disable a lab whenever you like. Here's how:

  1. In Google Calendar, click the Settings gear, and select Labs.
  2. For each lab you want to use, click Enable. If you want to stop using a lab, click Disable.
  3. Click Save at the top or bottom of the page.

Suggested Calendar Labs

*Automatically declining events

Lets you block off times in your calendar when you are unavailable. Invitations sent for any events during this period will be automatically declined. After you enable this feature, you'll find a "Busy (decline invitations)" option in the Show me as field.
*Event attachments

Attach a Google document, spreadsheet or presentation to your event, or upload a file from your computer. Important: guests do not automatically have permission to view Google Docs attachments. You must share each attached document. Learn more
*Smart Rescheduler

Helps you reschedule an event by analyzing guests' schedules, evaluating conflicts, obtaining conference rooms and proposing the best meeting times. It's like magic.

Tip: If you have a large number of guests, start with only the required attendees. Then, once you find a date that works, you can add any optional attendees.
*Year view

Planning ahead and want to see the whole year at once? Adds a Year View gadget to right of your calendar.

Note: If you close the Year View gadget by clicking the X, you disable the lab and will have to re-enable it.
*Who's my one-on-one with?

Having a hard time figuring out who scheduled that event called "Lunch" on your calendar? This feature displays the attendee's name right on the calendar if it's just you and one other person.
*World clock

Keep track of the time around the world. Plus: When you click an event, you'll see the start time in each time zone as well.