Browser Configuration

Google Chrome
Guardian is now recommending that Guardian's Google email environment be accessed via Google Chrome. 

  1. Install Chrome from here:
  2. Click the Download Chrome button
  3. On the next screen, ensure you DO NOT check the "Set Google Chrome as my default browser" box., then click Accept and Install.
  4. Click Accept and Install to complete the installation
(DO NOT select set Google Chrome as my default browser)

   5. Click the Guardian Gmail icon below and Select Open and accept any prompts
Guardian Gmail
Guardian Gmail

  6.  Double-click the Guardian Gmail icon that now appears on your desktop, or go to
         Login is via GOL ID and password.

  7. Once installed, register Chrome with MFA (because it is a different browser, it will need its own set of MFA 
        cookies).   To access GOL, you must continue to use Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer

Google will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 8, 9 or the Chrome Frame Plugin after January 2014. For that reason, we encourage all IE users who do not use SmartOffice to use IE10. (SmartOffice users must continue to use IE8 or IE9 in compatibility mode and should use Google Chrome to access their email.)

For those using IE8 and IE9, you will receive the following message upon initial login:
In addition, this message bar appears at the top of the browser at every Gmail logon ( dismiss is the option):

If you are on a Windows XP machine and unable to upgrade to one of these versions of IE, please follow the instructions above for installing Chrome.

The instructions below are how to configure IE to ensure it works with both GOL and Google.
Adjustments to made to Internet Explorer (IE) should be  completed with only one instance of IE open.

Compatibility View
  • With IE Open
  • Select Tools/Compatibility View Settings

Add websites that are required to be viewed in Compatibility Mode.

Note the example below will apply to all (SmartOffice) and (Guardian OnLine) sites.

Add any other sites that require viewing in Compatibility mode.

Do not select the setting “Display all websites in Compatibility View” as this will disrupt viewing of Guardian's Google email platform.


Internet Options - Browsing History

  • With IE Open
  • Select Tools/Internet Options
  • While on the General tab, click the Delete button

Verify all available selections are selected.

Note:  With “Preserve Favorites website data” selected, any cache files or cookies used by sites in your Favorites list will not be deleted.  (deleting Favorites website data and/or Cookies will impact Multi Factor Authentication PC registration when made available.)  Should you find continued issue with browser performance, deselect this setting, and then click Delete.

Trusted Sites

Settings trusted sites involves two components; identifying the sites, and setting the Security level for the sites.

Identifying Sites

  • With IE Open
  • Select Tools/Internet Options
  • Select the Security tab
  • Click the Trusted Sites image (green checkmark) 
  • Click the Sites button   

  • Add the following sites:

 Click Close.

Note:  Sites added to the Trusted Sites zone will receive separate permissions which are controlled 
by the Security Level Set for the zone

  • Continuing from above,
  • Select the Custom Level Button
  • Click the "Reset To" drop down button and select Low
  • After changing level to Low, click the Reset button,
  • Click Yes, Click OK, Click Apply
  • Click OK to close the Internet Options Window

Internet Settings for MFA