Access your manager’s calendar

If your manager delegates his or her Google Calendar to you, you can do the following on your manager's behalf:

  • Respond to event invitations
  • Create new events
  • Modify existing events
  • Manage sharing (if your permission is set to Make changes AND manage sharing)

However, you can't do the following in your manager's Calendar account:

  • Change account settings, such as language, time zone, or automatically adding invitations to the calendar
  • Use Task lists
  • Access your manager's Gmail contact groups

Set up delegated access

Before you can manage your manager's calendar, you must first gain access to his or her calendar, as follows:

  1. Have your manager log in to his or her Google Calendar.
  2. In your manager's calendar, go to the My calendars section, and click the down arrow that appears to the right of your manager’s name.
  3. Select Share this calendar from the drop-down.

  1. In the Person field, type your primary email address.
  2. In the drop-down menu, select the appropriate permission, and then click Save.

  • Make changes to events lets you edit your manager's calendar
  • Make changes AND manage sharing lets you edit the calendar's sharing options, too. (For example, you can give another admin access to your manager’s calendar while you are away on vacation.)

You now have access to your manager's calendar and can see and modify all meetings on the calendar, including private and confidential events. (You may wish to remind your manager of this fact.)

If you have Make changes AND manage sharing access to your manager’s calendar, you'll now see your manager's calendar in your own account in the My calendars list on the left.

If you have Make changes to events access to your manager’s calendar, you'll see your manager's calendar in your own account in the Other calendars section.

Tip: To easily distinguish your calendar from your manager’s calendar, choose very distinct colors for each calendar, such as red and blue. Change the color of a calendar by going to the My calendar section, hovering over the calendar, clicking the down arrow that appears, and selecting a new color from the grid.

How events appear to guests

If you create an event on behalf of your manager and send out an invitation email to event guests, you appear as the sender of the email (1). When guests view the actual email, your manager appears in the top Who field (2). In the bottom Who field, your manager appears as the organizer (3), and you appear as the creator (4).

For example:

When guests click on the event in their calendar, you appear as the creator, and your manager’s calendar appears as the calendar. However, your name is not included in the guest list.

For example: