Accept or decline events on behalf of your manager

You have three options for doing this:

  • Accept or decline from the delegated Calendar view

You can respond from the invitation that appears on your manager's calendar (which is shared with you). Just click anywhere on the event, and then click Yes, Maybe, No, or Remove.

  • Accept or decline from delegated Gmail

If your manager has given you access to his or her Gmail account, you can also respond from the “Invitation” email in your delegated view of your manager’s Inbox. Just click Yes, Maybe, or No in the Going? section.

Note: Your manager must have personally set up notifications for his or her own calendar in order to receive this email.

  • Accept or decline from email notifications

If you’ve set up email notifications for your manager’s calendar, you can respond directly from the "New Event" email you receive in your Inbox.  Click Yes, Maybe, or No in the Going? section.

Add a note to the invitation response

If you want to add a note to your response to an event, go to the event details page. You can do this by:

  • Clicking the actual event name (such as Team Meeting)
  • Double-clicking anywhere on the event
  • Clicking anywhere on the event, and then clicking More details in the pop-up

On the event details page, you can add your note to the Going? section near the top of the screen, and click Save. Because not all people choose to get notifications about event responses, you may also want to email the meeting owner with any important messages.

See meeting status at a glance (invitation, accepted, declined)

You can quickly view your meeting status without going into the event details page.

Event invitations
Event invitations to which you haven’t yet responded have a reply arrow before the meeting time.

Events with a “Maybe” response
Event invitations to which you’ve responded “Maybe” have a question mark before the meeting time.

Accepted events
Accepted events don’t have a question mark.

Declined event
Declined events are dimmed, and the event title has a strike through it.

Other Calendar icons explained
When you hover your mouse over Calendar events, you might notice other icons at the top of the event. Below is a list of the icons you will see and a description of what each icon represents.